Sample format of Stock Management

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Name of the bank 


Kind Attention: (Relationship Manager) 

Subject: Stock Statement for the period

Dear Sir/Madam,

Please find enclosed here with the following documents:

  1. Stock statement for working capital facility/ies,
  1. Age-wise details of receivables,
  1. Age-wise details of creditors


  1. Stock statement for working capital facility/ies

Name of the company:    XYZ Limited                                                                                                        Period: 

                                        (Amount in INR Million)

ParticularsOpening StockPurchases during the monthSales/Issued during the monthClosing Stock
Qty (Nos/ Kg)AmountQty   (Nos/ Kg)AmountQty    (Nos/ Kg)AmountQty   (Nos/ Kg)Amount
I.  Raw -Materials(Indigenous)
II. Raw Materials(Imported)
III. Sub -total (I+II)708411403716
IV. Stock-in-process9243444581
V. Finished Goods5837310447012354939294
VI. Stores & Spares3983127402
Total (III to VI)1571134614241493
Opening BalanceCredit Sales/Purchase during the monthAmount Paid/Received during the monthClosing balance of Debtors/Creditors
VII. Receivables16966795251850
VIII. Creditors
– for Inventory20685433942217
– for Expense453259148564
– for Capital Goods650263
Other Information
ParticularsProjection for the yearCurrent monthCumulative Sales
I.  Sales (Amount in INR Million)Total sale projection for the yearActual sale in the reporting monthSales till reporting month
II.- Facilities limit in multiple banking                                                                      (Amount in INR Million)
Bank NameFacilities NameFacilities LimitFacilities Outstanding on (30/4/2021)
Name of the bank from whom facilities have been availedWorking Capital Demand Loan/ Short Term Loan , Buyer’s credit, LC etc(Total fund based limit)Outstanding balance of borrowings as on reporting period (other than interest)
III.- Insurance Coverage                                                                                             (Amount in INR Million)
Insurer CompanyPolicy NumbersCoverage PeriodInsured Amount
Name of Insurer(Mention the policy number here)Policy periodAmount Insured*

* Insured amount of assets, on which collateral is formed for facilities qualified for drawing power calculation. 

I/We certify that:

  1. The assets detailed  mentioned are my/our exclusive property and no other person has any interest, lien or charge thereon and are fully paid for;
  1. The quantity of inventory mentioned is true and accurate stock position obtaining as on the date of the statement and are in conformity with my/our permanent books of accounts;
  1. The rates of valuation indicated, truly reflect the invoice rates or the contract rates or the controlled rates whichever are the lowest;
  1.  The bills which have been sent by us, either through you or direct to the drawee represent the dispatch of goods manufactured by us as evidenced;
  1. The above statement does not include the stock under key loan/ obsolete/ non-moving stock and stocks aged more than the six months old.
  1. Age-wise details of receivables

                                                             (INR million)

Dues From (Debtors)0-30 days31-60 days61-90 days91-180 daysTotal
Domestic WG125   35566101141
Export WG78194030500
Spare parts etc5371490209
  1. Age-wise details of creditors

           (INR million)

Dues to (Creditors)0-30 days31-60 days61-90 days91-180 daysTotal
Parts for manufacturing35131912811931991

Yours truly,

For XYZ Limited

Authorised Signatory