TDS Calculation Free SoftwareTool for Professionals

July 13, 2021 By Damodhar C Off

 It is an excel based TDS calculation utility developed for professionals and tax consultants. 

We can add unlimited clients and deductees to the utility. 

After adding the deduction and invoice details, we report each customer for the year, quarter, month, form type, type deductee, sections, whether 15G or H submitted, the status of TDS amount, whether remitted to the government, all the details will receive with or not sent. 

We can use this utility to send monthly TDS and file quarterly TDS returns of customers. 

This utility will auto-fill the “RPU” of each customer, so we can easily file TDS returns using “RPU”. 

Follow the below steps:

  • 1. Please enter your Data in –> ” DATABASE”
  • 2. Enter the details of your Company / Client on the RPU_Company Details Tab
  • 3. Goto REPORT –> Right Click anywhere inside the Report Table –> Click on “REFRESH”
  • 4. Your Data will be automatically updated to ” REPORT”
  • 5. When you are making remittance to Govt, you will get all details from our Report to fill data in NSDL website
  • 6. Data for filing Quarterly Return will be available at RPU_Challan Details Tab. Just Click selection

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD TDS Calculation Free SoftwareTool for Professionals